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Herbal Extracted Material Spray Dryer Introduction Oct 02, 2018

Most of herbal extracted material contains lots of sugar which brings big difficulties for spray drying process.Those problems cause by high sugar content material are low powder soften point , easily stick on inner tower , easily agglomerationand easily absorb moisture when expose to air. If use normal spray dryer without special design, these problems will be caused : a lot of powder stick on inner chamber ,and powder coking phenomenon , moreover powder in collecting tank under cyclone will agglomerate because of overheated after long period . In order to solve above problems, we designed Herbal Extracted Material Spray dryer.

Herbal Extracted Material Spray dryer characteristics

1.Cooling air jacket : outside of inner chamber there is air cooling jacket, it is for cooling inner chamber efficiently;

2.Air film system: Inner chamber has air film system , it is for cooling down dried powder inside of chamber by cold air;

3.Air sweep device : inside of drying chamber there equipped with air sweeper , it is for brush off powder stick on inside chamber by high pressure air;

4.Dehumidified air transfer : in our powder collecting system, there equipped with dehumidified cooling air transfer product to one final collecting point.